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Distinct differences between migration and immigration

The terms migration and immigration are often puzzle language learners and native English speakers alike, similar to the words immigration and emigration. All of these refer to the moving of persons between countries; but there are subtle differences between Migration and Immigration.

Migration is a word which is a noun and is used to express the movement of people or animals between countries. It is the broad term and both immigration and emigration come under it. Migration is utilized when one is discussing waves of people between countries probably both directions – entering a country and going away from another country. For instance: ‘Subsequent to World War II there was mass migration all over the world.’

The difference between immigration and emigration is quite easy to understand and once you have come to terms with it, it is not hard to keep it in mind. Immigrating implies that someone has moved to a new country. For instance: ‘John immigrated to Australia from his native France when he was twelve years old.’ Emigrating is used to refer to the country from which they have moved. For instance: ‘John emigrated from France to Australia when he was twelve years old.’

A simple manner to bear in mind the difference between immigration and emigration is to remember that immigration relates to someone coming into a country and the word immigration begins with “I”.

The term immigration is likely to be more frequently used than migration and emigration. This is due to the fact that it is inclined to be a politically hot topic fought about in politics and in the street a good deal and it gets loads of press attention.

When you look at migration as a comprehensive term, you will come across a great deal of conversation of legal and illegal immigration. A lot of countries have the problem that people are coming into the country illegally in quest of work or as refugees without having undergone the formal governmental procedure. Numerous first world countries spend much time and money safeguarding their borders from illegal immigration and talking about their immigration policies.

Connected words to migration and immigration comprise: the verbs, migrate, immigrate and emigrate; and the nouns that relate to the people doing the moving, migrant, immigrant and emigrant.


  1. Migration is the general term for the people’s movement between diverse countries2. Immigration applies to people entering a country 3. Emigration relates to people leaving a country for a different country 4. Immigration is a politically touchy subject that is frequently talked about in the media.

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