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IPad vs Android Tab: Which One to Choose for Business Meetings

Entertaining meeting participants and guests with tablet devices is an emerging trend of formal meetings in these days. These devices help business owners to get involved in meeting discussions and presentations in more effective and organized way. These touch devices have converted the communication way between the speaker and audience of a meeting into two way communication in which not just the speaker but the audience can also participate in the discussion during the meeting by adding their comments and thoughts in presentations through their touch devices . However when meetings and event organizers try to facilitate their guest members with these touch devices, the main question which comes into their minds is whether they should choose Ipad device or an android note book.  Here I am going to discuss both of devices and their features so that you can choose best suitable device for your meeting.


Android Tablet:

Android is most commonly used mobile based operating system which is being used all around the world. You can’t say that which one is more popular, Android or Apple IOS, however both are equally important and different regarding to features. Android tablets are great fit to business meetings as you can find hundreds of free apps of business meetings from Google play store. Following are few reasons to use android tablets during your business meetings.

Why to Use:

Easy Configuration: Android tablets are comparatively easy to use touch devices because Google have made android a very easy to use operating system. Anyone with no technical knowledge or experience can easily configure android devices easily. So if you are going to organize a business meeting and you don’t have a technical staff to configure your tablet devices then its better to use android tablet instead of Ipad device.

 Cost Effective: Android tablets come in different brands like dell, hp, Samsung and china brands. These brands vary in prices so it provides you opportunity to choose a cost effective device for your meeting according to your budget. If you can afford an expensive tab then you can go for a more quality oriented brand like Sony or Samsung however if your budget is too low then china made tablets can also perform well.

Apple Ipads:

Apple ipads are also very popular tabs available in the market which are more popular in European countries and USA. These devices are best fit for business meetings as they have more built-in solutions available for such meetings. Here are few reasons to choose Apple ipad tabs for your business meetings.

Why to Use:

UI Awareness: As you know that apple ipads are more famous in business sector so business related people have more awareness of apple ios operating system which can help them to feel easy while using their tabs during meetings.

Built in Features: Ipad tabs come with a lot of features and functions for business meetings. These built in functions can save you from download and installing new apps to configure ipads for meetings so if you want to save yourself from hassle of installing new apps into your devices then using ipad apps is a better option.

These are few reasons to choose from both touch devices however both are equally important. You can make you selection according to your priorities.

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