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Flying Headphones is Noise Cancelling Worth it?

Noise cancelling headphone is a good gift and it’s also used to hear the wonderful songs without any disturbance and you can feel you are in different world. In this headphones are distinct because it reduces the unwanted sounds and it also used the active noise control for better output.  Headphones are also called as earphones or ear speakers and this headphone are normally used to listen the music. In large headphones are always have a two loudspeakers and it also emit the sounds. Mostly the headphones are using the pilots because they are operating the aircrafts and the noise is affecting their ear, so they are using these headphones. There is a heavy wind flow in the sky and it will make some unwanted sounds and it makes the pilot annoy to do his work.

The people are travelling in the aero planes they are using this noise cancelling headphones. In this noise cancelling headphones are available in many online platforms and in many retail shopping stores. While travelling on the aero planes the headphones are needed one because it gives your good feel while flying. Basically there are two microphones are connected inside and outside of the headphones and a lot of headphones having the volume control system to control the sound volume.

Mostly of the pilots are using the Bluetooth headphones in plane because it’s a wireless connection. These Bluetooth headphones are also used to you to talk on your phone and listen to the music and these headphones are worked by the radio waves. It’s also required the wireless transmitter and these headphones are having battery to work. Normally the battery life is 8-12 hours per day and the biggest benefit of this Bluetooth headphone is easy to use and the BT (Bluetooth technology) is really very strong.

Aviation headphones:

This aviation headset is mainly used by the pilots to reduce the noise in the planes. Then the engine and airflow is also produces the noise in the plane and all type of headphones are allow the intra cabin communication and radio communication. It’s also uses the passive noise reduction because of prevent the hearing loss and the passive noise reduction is also called as PNR. This is also blocking the sounds from entering your ear and these headphones are basically consisting a special ear cup and it also used to block the sound waves. It’s also formed in tightly to the pilots ears and the ANR headphones, because the ANR headphones are also have a same design of PNR headphones. These ANR headphones are also having a specialized ear cup and it’s also using the microphones and it’s used to listen the noise in the aircrafts and to block the sound waves. Many pilots are choosing the ANR headphones because it reduces the sound waves very clearly compare to the PNR headphones. It can be reduces the noise in aircrafts up to 30 decibels and the PNR headphones are also reduces the noise in planes by 15 to 20 decibels.

The following headphones are the best headphones using the pilots to reduce noise.

  • Bose quietcomfort 35
  • Bose quietcomfort 20
  • Sony MDR-1000X
  • Bose quietcomfort 25
  • Plantronics backbeat pro 2
  • Sennheiser PXC 550 wireless
  • Bose quietcontrol 30
  • Sennheiser momentum wireless
  • Sony hear on wireless NC
  • AKG N60 NC
  • Plantronics backbeat pro
  • PSB M4U 2

In this above headphones are also used to protect your ears from the noise, because the noise sometimes heavily affect your ears and give hearing loss .Then the bose quietcomfort 35 is the ultimate noise cancelling and it’s a wireless headphone. Bose quietcomfort 20 is very costly but it worth for money and Sony MDR-1000X have excellent sounding effects and it’s also very comfortable to use. Then the MDR-1000 X is not only having the outside ear cups and it also having inside the ear cups and these headphones battery life is rated at 20 hours. Bose quietcomfort 25 a lot of plastics are involving and its weight is 6.9 ounces or 196 grams without the cable. In starting the plantronics headphones are very thin and lightly weight but recently the developers reduce this headphone weight in 15 percent and its really very attractive .Sennheiser headphones sound quality is really very good and its noise cancellation also very good. Bose quietcontrol 30 headphones are really comfortable and affordable in cost. The sennheiser momentum wireless headphones are having many good features comparing to other brands.

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