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Ergonomics 101: The importance of office furniture structures

Before we lecture you on the importance of ergonomics and why it should be a priority in each and every work environment and organization, let’s first define:

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics comes from the Greek words: ergon, which means work; and nomoi, which means natural laws. So to put its definition simply, ergonomics is the science of work.

Primarily, ergonomics plays an important role in the society especially in the workplace. It promotes safety, comfortability and efficiency at work as well as maintaining your physical and mental health in check.

What to look for in office furniture’s?

Do you constantly suffer from back pains? We bet your desk setup doesn’t even feel right for your chair? If you’re looking forward to buying these office furnitures, consider these tips and advices to finding the right chair and desk for you.

  1. The perfect chair. People don’t pay attention to buying a fit office chair that is comfortable for the one who will be using it since you don’t get how huge of an impact a chair makes a difference. We spend most of the day sitting in an office chair and this is a fact people overlooks. A good ergonomic office chair should offer you comfort, improved good posture, promote back support and prevent back problems.

When looking for the perfect chair, look for the one that has:

    • Adjustable seat heights and back rests so you can readjust your seat the way you want it to bring you comfort. Also, it’s easier to look for and have an adjustable seat height rather than desk height, isn’t it? An adjustable back rest will keep your posture on check add in a lumbar support to keep your spine aligned and prevent lower back pains.
    • Comfortable cushion because sitting on a hard chair for 8 hours or more daily  will do you no good.
    • Arm rests in order for your shoulders and elbows to stay relaxed.
    • Your option to swivel your chair is a great feature. In case there’s something you need to reach, rolling around makes it easier to do plus it reduces the risk of straining your muscles for when you need to turn your head or body around.
  1. The perfect desk setup. Your desk is where your heart is at work. It is where all the work is being done and accomplished so it is only necessary that you need to have an efficient and effective workstation. Don’t just put everything without thinking its purpose for it’s not a healthy setup for you.

When setting up your desk, ensure you:

    • Position your monitor in front of you and the top screen should be level with your eyes. Also, keep it at least an arm’s length away from you.
    • Keep your keyboard and mouse close to each other and place them at the same height (in case you have a sliding tray for your keyboard and mouse). Make sure that you don’t bend your wrists as your type to avoid strain.

Also, check out this ergonomic tips for good posture infographic:

Photo source: Ideal Furniture via Visually Now that you’re well aware on the importance of ergonomics and how to look for ergonomically correct office furniture’s, time to break down the benefits of ergonomics in a workplace.

  1. Boosts productivity. Ergonomics promotes efficiency and overall healthy well-being in the workplace. By systematically modifying your office furniture, you’ll be able to observe proper posture which results to exerting less motion when doing tasks such as reaching for something,typing and the works. With this, time is saved and tasks can be done easier which can lead to more work done.
  1. Increases employee satisfaction. “How can a few office furniture increase an employee’s satisfaction?”, you might ask. To put it simply, improving your ergonomics means you value each and everyone of your employees. Them, having to end the day with little to no discomfort, fatigue, strains and back problems contributes greatly in reducing turnovers, absenteeism and improve employee engagement and involvement.
  1. Better quality of work. Chair causing back pains, non-adjustable seat and a poorly set-up desk leads to fatigue and causes certain drawbacks which ends up giving you short tempers and negative energy. A well-ergonomically arranged workstation eliminates these issues and improves the overall quality of work.
  1. Overall better organization. Expressing how much you value your employees leads them to doing better work and staying longer and maintaining a great foundation with the organization. A healthy organization is equal to better performance and increased satisfaction.

Bottom line: ergonomics is what works for you. It is essential in keeping up your productivity, keeping you mental and physical health in shape and for the betterment of the organization as a whole.

What’s your poor office furniture experience and how did you combat it? Share us how ergonomics changed your work life. Comment below!

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