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eBay &PayPal part ways, but still eBay has gained through it

PayPal is a US based company which was found in the year 1998 and was occupied by the gigantic online marketplace eBay in the year 2002. It is one of the top most companies which offer a solution for the online payment. There are about one hundred and six million active accounts globally. A report says that in the European countries there are about forty million active accounts. This payment system is mostly used by all the people.

The gigantic online payment company is available in one hundred and ninety markets globally. It also enables the folks with an authenticated email address to receive the online payments in a secured manner. This process takes in a shorter period of time. The company’s service totally depends on the financial infrastructure of the bank accounts. This system is integrated with the standard fraud prevention systems in order to create a safe, real-time payment solution all over the world.

The European Commission

The European Commission plays a major role in the process of promotion, integration, and innovation. The development of various electronic processes like the e-payments, e-commerce and also m-payments, m-commerce is a conspicuous one. These payments should be a valid one and also it must be actively communicated. Therefore the system encourages the European Commission. Based on the knowledge in the European market, the online payment company supports the commission in order to find a series of the promoting measures.

The company reveals the European Commission’s agreement for the benefit of the customers and also for the growth of the enterprises. The online payment company has designed its features in such a way that its goal should be achieved in a shorter period of time. The company provides its major support and strength to the European Commission and to show itself as a good partner for creativeness in Europe.  The actual fact is that the folks are encouraged to use the premium based products to in order to achieve its peak in a shorter period of time.

Important Factors of PayPal


The gigantic online payment company gives notifications to the customers in the online commerce. It also encourages the folks and helps the small, medium and the large organizations including the fresh start-ups who might not enjoy the trust from the probable buyers to grow the business.


The company operates in each and every corner of the world including the different types of currencies globally and builds on the widespread customer preferences which eventually differ from one country to another country. It is said to be that this company is an integrated one, connecting different types of people and the enterprises. It can be any location, currency or the payment choices.


The Multi-national online payment company is said to be a card neutral one and totally depends on the regulated banking, and the card networks, working in cooperation with all the major bank systems and the card schemes globally. The most available payment types include debit card system, credit card system, and transfer of amount through the credit, prepaid card etc. The PayPal has the ability to connect to its users across a wave of the instant funding sources. It follows a set of rules and regulations and the security criteria including the efficiency are maintained for the benefit of the users in the future.


The innovation is promoted by the company in a series of ways. The company has already provided a bunch of mobile payment products and the solution. It also gives hands for the initial creative start-ups, acting as a middle factor and thus opening a huge number of markets. A new concept of x-commerce is used in the PayPal, which is an open platform for the developers, experts and the technicians who provide innovative solutions for the business ideas.

 The added point is that the company has a system of control over the transaction process. It tracks all the things what is going on between a sender and a receiver of a payment system and also maintains a good customer relationship with its users. For the identification of any suspicious behavior, the company uses the effective anti-fraud technology practices.

Business Development

The company is an effective business coordinator especially for the small enterprises and the start-ups. The online commerce is the most successful one in the present era because the folks trust and believe the payment options are the safer one. The company also combines the customers and the business people in the online market by providing a trust factor to the transaction process.

Data Protection

The Consumer privacy and particularly the folk’s financial matters must be protected in any situation because it is the most confidential one. The company does not reveal any financial information between the two persons who are involved in the transaction process. Only the payment and the contact information are transferred, while the other confidential data is safely held by the big online payment company. The dealers need not safeguard the financial information.

Buyer and Seller Protection

The customers must know if any critical criteria arise regarding the transaction process and there is no any need to worry because the transactions will be addressed quickly in a controversy resolution process. An important factor should be known by everyone is if any transaction issues arise then it is definitely it is a result of the poor communication band not due to the fraudulent.

Fight against the Cyber Crime

The company has decided strongly to fight against the cybercrime and to cooperate with the national and the international bodies, such as the government agencies. Dealing with these government agencies is very important because if there is any critical situation arises like Theft and Privacy then these government bodies will do the needful. Because of the integration with the law enforcement agencies globally, the crimes are prevented and hence the folks believe the payment system and hence the confidence in the e-commerce is increased.

eBay and PayPal break the partnership

For a past few months, the gigantic online market place eBay as seen a huge rise over thirty percent, with a good performance in a well behaved manner. The company still has a good fame with a skill power to remain appropriate in the future. The company has over eight billion dollars in its balance sheet statement about at the same time to pay off its nine billion dollars in debt. At that time, the company also saw a major hit in the estimation process and also saw a six percent increase in the revenue. This revenue kept on increasing but does not increase at one point also.

 There was also another achievement which gave a major hit about one billion live listings on the site for the first time in its record. Another important thing everyone should know is that the company’s classified business with a fifteen percent increase in the estimation. Recently, it also built its own classified platform with an app called Close5. This app represents the future of the classified business, which allows the customers to quickly post the domestic advertisements with the snaps. These things are free and do not charge any amount.

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Anand Rajendran is the Co-Founder and CEO of Zoplay a well known Software products development and Mobile App Development Company based in Chennai, India. He has extensive experience in building and leading innovative and collaborative software development teams to deliver major software applications like Zobay an Ebay clone script developed by Zoplay. He loves exploring new things and sharing his knowledge with others.

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