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Deets Of An Inbound Call Center

One of the indispensable outsourcing services provided to the consumers is a call center. On the face, it looks duck soup, but there are in numerous functions it performs. Under this section, the procedures are further divided to administer the calls into Outbound and Inbound call center. Primarily, an inbound call center is a hub to receive the incoming calls from potential customers that call for various reasons such as-

  • Getting assisted on a product
  • Acquiring information
  • Making appointments
  • Reporting malfunctioning
  • Reviewing services.

We know that an opportunity does not always come to you, you have to go to it. It is also inevitable for employees to initiate some calls to pitch more prospective clients. But, an organization is given its name based on its prevailing nature of calls. If more than 50% of the services provided by an organization are inflowing, that means it is considered as an inbound center and vice versa. Even if it makes outbound calls to its customers as well, the preponderance of the calls is what matters.

In the hurried scurry of this highly competitive world, companies inextricably associate their success with the high performance of its reliable inbound services. So, the main focus is directed towards handling the reception of the maximum number of calls with the greatest efficiency.

3 Major Services offered under inbound call center outsourcing are:

  • Customer care
  • Revenue management processes
  • Sales

-Customer Care: It involves problem-solving oriented programs for the consumers. It includes a large number of aids provided as follows:

  • IVR services
  • Inquiry handling
  • Order taking services
  • Reservation services
  • Virtual receptionist services
  • Subscription services
  • Warranty registration services
  • Inbound web chat
  • Consumer response
  • Phone answering services
  • Dealer locaters and referral services
  • Direct mail services
  • Email management services
  • Event scheduling services

-Revenue Management Processes: It is a business process which is designed to optimize the revenue performance of an asset through all market conditions. It involves:

  • Job dispatch services
  • Order entry services
  • Rebate processing services
  • Insurance claims processing services
  • Payment collection services

-Sales: It is the most crucial factor for raising the bar of a company’s standard mainly in terms of customer acquisition. It involves:

  • Inbound sales
  • Customer service
  • Up- selling services
  • Cross Selling Services
  • Help desk and technical support services
  • Real time inventory status services
  • Sales lead qualification and closure
  • Product recall management
  • Product information request services
  • Scheduling sales demos
  • Claims processing services

The client’s requirements are analyzed and a solution is designed for optimum results. The outsourced process is taken care of by specialized professionals and cost an effective procedure is assured for attracting consumers. Looking at these multifarious benefits of inbound call services, one thing is clear; that this one section of the organization has to be constantly under the focus of development.

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