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Business benefits of using Raspberry Pi

Since the release of its first generation in February 2012, several generations of Raspberry Pi computers have been released with the higher specification. The first batch comprises of two models A (basic model) and model B (higher specification). Later A+ and B+ were released after a year. With an aim to modify its features to benefit users, manufacturer keeps on launching upgraded versions that include Pi 2 model B (February 2015) and Pi 3 model B (February 2016). In addition to these upgraded models, a cut-down model was also introduced in April 2014, whereas in November 2015 smaller model Pi Zero with limited and general input/output features was also presented.

Having been purposefully designed to promote the teaching of basic computer sciences in developing countries at school levels, this small computing device is commercially used by other professionals as well. Entrepreneurs are widely using it to minimise the total operational cost of their business.

In addition to low cost there are certain benefits of using Raspberry Pi, here I am discussing few unique benefits that are dragging more customers to choose these pocket-sized computers.

Complete support is available

The manufacturer totally understands the need of technical support and inaugurated Pi Store in December last year. It allows users to download all development tools, apps, media programs and tutorials.

Facilitate young IT professionals

Despite being small in size, the processor of these mini computing devices is powerful enough to tackle a little web design and experimental programming. The latest versions are the result of combined efforts of hardware company Norcott Technologies and Pi team. They worked together to compile the sophisticated technology in the smallest hardware. The final device is efficient enough that can be used as a dashboard for business intelligence and a server with the ability to handle light traffic. Small business owners and developers working in small organisations are actively purchasing these systems. Diversified abilities of this device not only enable it to resolve connectivity problems but also execute the needs of development platform for software developers and network engineers.

Minimise budget due to Low cost

Despite performing and supporting development functions, programming displays for digital signage, it is extremely affordable and purchasing it is the same as buying a keyboard. Independent software vendors don’t give a second thought to buying a PI computer. It has also gained much fame among industrialist. It has been commonly used to control the industrial processes.

Customization is possible

Regardless of its small size and low prices, consumers can customise the device according to their needs. Traditionally business owners need a lot of technical support from IT managers, but once they integrate the Pi technology in their system, they become less dependent. The system unusually doesn’t need in-house professional assistance to run the setup.

Consume smaller Energy

Due to its small size, the system consumes very small amount of electricity and don’t increase the temperature. This eventually reduces the need to run on cooling devices. The ultra-low power components significantly reduce the power needs require to run the system. Suppose if the traditional system is consuming 64 watts replacing it with pi device free up around 54 volts.

Produce almost no noise or low noise

The device is so small and it does not have fans. This makes it a good choice to use as a server machine. Moreover, it doesn’t require sophisticated wiring for power supply, which makes it possible to place anywhere without making special arrangements.

Summary: Due to its small in size, small power consumption and exciting features Pi computers have gained much popularity among the wide range of users from household, educationist and professional developers and industrialists.

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