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BPO Outsourcing: A Survival Tool For Companies In Uncertain Times

Undoubtedly, today’s economic environment is causing a sense of fear and gloom in the logistics industry. Competitive edge among industries, unsatisfied customer needs, expectations, unpredictable economic conditions, declining revenues, deteriorating customers’ confidence and loss of power are significantly affecting the industry growth and bottom line.

The emergence of BPO outsourcing companies in the late 1990s proved to be a raft of the companies that were on the edge of submergence. These rafts were a support for companies to stay afloat in these times. These reputed BPO companies were the source to reach out a common and simple solution for bigger problems. It was a cost-effective technique to expand the outsourcing services to other countries and set a stage for future growth. Surviving the after-effects of the trauma required high capital investments and strategy for taking businesses a  step forward. On the other hand, BPO outsourcing companies with cost reduction technique served many other areas of benefit like focusing on core areas, fixed cost, maintaining customer satisfaction level, maintaining quality and so on. Here are some of the factors which help in determining the success level of the outsourcing companies:

Outsource your products with an open mind:

BPO outsourcing companies have entered a very complex business which requires them to satisfy the needs of each and every customer. Smart companies collaborate with their vendors and enter the art of innovations. These companies find out the ways to complete the customer’s urge of getting something new. However, with an open mind come  big challenges but these tests do not restrict the path of successful companies.

Keep it simple:

Achieving cost reduction without sacrificing quality should be the first and foremost objective of BPO. Keeping it simple means being realistic about the aspirations for the program in times of economic uncertainty and focusing only on obtaining the benefits that truly matter now. A BPO service provider with expertise in these areas can meet the objective of cost savings for its clients.

Develop a realistic plan:

The most important key to success of any outsourcing company is to develop a well-thought-of business strategy. For any organization to reach a certain height, one must go as per the developed plan. Therefore, the plan should be as realistic as possible. Even when outsourcing is being implemented for cost savings, many companies fall into the trap of an unrealistic transition roadmap in their haste to cut more costs. So, it leads to the fall of the organization. Therefore, it is very important to build up a strategy that could be easily followed and kept up as discussed within the parties.

Move fast:

There is no change without urgency. If moving quickly to implement BPO is not seen as vital to the basic survival of the company, it will not produce the desired results. In the present competitive scenario, moving fast with the technologies and advancement is a must for any company to develop a place in the market. Speeding up the technologies and keeping oneself up to date with the latest trends and roadmaps is vital.

Alignment and industry knowledge:

Partnering with a BPO provider who understands you and will align with your ways of working rather than imposing its own, is vital in good times and bad. Alignment refers to understanding the client’s values and accordingly adjusting its working style, designing its deliverables to support the client’s needs and having the flexibility to meet ever-changing business needs in this economic climate. Alignment with the business firm keeps any organization to go on as a mutual partnership and helps to understand the various conflicted needs of the customers. Just like alignment, industry knowledge is also important. If the organization is not experienced enough to handle the critical business situations and processing of the bills, the client’s satisfaction can lead to the sinking of the ship.

Debit budgets in advance:

Saving some amount for later use is, in turn, a very wise decision. Building BPO outsourcing savings into the current year’s budget in advance ensures that managers have no excuse but to be committed to the implementation of the BPO program. These agents excel in understanding the customers demand and implement it in the most cost-effective manner.


With standardization, organizations are well positioned to take the next step to transform processes through technology and quality which takes them to the next level of efficiency.


With advancing technologies, the greatest challenge is to digitize the vision of people. The BPO outsourcing companies will always be vital to the success of an organization.

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