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6 Inspiring Business Ideas for 2017

Starting a business was never an easy task. Unfortunately, too many good ideas never even got the chance to pass the market test because their authors weren’t sure whether those ideas had any market value or not. Truth to be told, the ideas that seem too out there to be viable are usually the ones that succeed. Here are few inspiring ideas that will motivate you to finally get the ball moving.

Glass Art with the Ashes of the Deceased

A prime example of business that is too bizarre to be true. Yet, turning the ashes of your love ones who have passed into glass art is becoming an increasingly popular and after you give it some thought, it does make a lot of sense. Why would an ordinary urn or metal case be more suitable resting place for the remains of your loved ones than a beautiful glass heart or a pendant?

Write an E-Book

Write an E-Book

You have probably watched the 2015 blockbuster The Martian, starring Matt Damon. But did you know that before the book the movie is based on was picked up by a Hollywood studio, author Andy Weir couldn’t even find a publisher. Eventually, he published the book as a Kindle edition and sold it for the price of $0.99. The book became an instant hit and you know the rest of the story. Wring a book is still a very lengthy and demanding process, but finding a way to the audience is not.

Renting a Shareable Office Space

Renting a Shareable Office Space

More and more employees and entrepreneurs prefer to take their job with them and finish their obligations outside the office. However, local coffee shops are not always the most suitable place for that. Shareable office space is exactly what they need at that moment. A place where they can hang out with other people, drink their coffee and finish their jobs, but, this time, in a more productive and less distracting environment.

Start Your Own Food Truck

Food Truck

This idea may seem ancient, but that’s the appeal – when was the last time you saw a decent food truck? The great thing about this particular type of business is that the investment you will have to make will be considerably lower than if you were starting a traditional restaurant. And given the fact that, these days, finding enough time to cook is considered a privilege, you won’t have any problem appealing to a very wide audience.

Set up a Warehouse


Warehouses and food trucks have one thing in common – they are both so obvious that they are kind of brilliant. Too many small business, independent contractors and, why not, even households don’t have enough space for storing their items for this idea to fail. Sure, you will have to make an up-front investment and buy the facility, quality scissor lifts, storage compartments and other items you can usually see in a warehouse, but with good marketing and scalable prices you are bound to succeed.

Establish a Nostalgia Store

Nostalgia Store

80s pop culture is very popular at the moment. Don’t believe us? You can find entire YouTube channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers devoted to trashing bad 80s VHS movies. Some of the items from this colorful decade (e.g. Masters of the Universe action figures, board games, vinyl records) have become true relics in selected circles. A specialized shop that would deal solely with such items would quickly become very famous.

These were some of the ideas that should prove you that no matter how odd, or even obvious some idea may sound to you, that doesn’t mean that that idea is not commercially viable. Feel free to borrow some of them or do your best to come up with an idea of your own. Just don’t sit idle.

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