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6 Innovative Ways to Boost Contact Center Motivation

This shouldn’t be a surprise to you when you hear that the organization has invested every penny of theirs in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Entrepreneurs are in fact spending heavily just to be updated with the latest technologies and tools. Contact center services in the current scenario are supposed to be one of the most important tech-savvy achievement. This technology involves chats, toolbox, artificial intelligence, automation, and so on.

Despite carrying numerous technologies into practice, effective inbound call center services are not getting a huge amount of services as expected. A little dropping of sales in any call centers is accepted, but on the contrary, many times call center agents have to deal with volumes of unwanted calls. This makes call center agents to lose their motivation and affect the overall revenue of the system.

It is the managerial responsibility to boost the morale of their employees and keep them motivated to pursue their jobs. Here are seven ways to boost up your agent’s morale:

 1). Recognize your agent’s area of interest

Being a contact center agent is not always easy. You need to be ever ready to take up the assigned task and perform it with all your effort. Therefore, it is very important for an agent to work in their area of interest. This will help them accept challenges and with the unique set of skills, they can perform it even better. Not only will agent make every effort to be best in their area of interest but will innovate all new ideas to entice the existing customers and get some new ones.

2). Rotation job structure

It is very important for an agent to possess versatile talent in a contact center job. An agent should be well aware of all the process that is carried out in an organization. At least all those that he himself is going to face in the near future.

Therefore, after a span of time, assign them with new work. Do not let the agent burn out due to work pressure or mental stress. Give them flexibility in their schedules and a healthy track to work on.

3). Provide them with the best possible equipment

The main reason for any contact center to decline in their services is because of the obsolete working culture along with unreliable tools. Managers need to focus on the workstation equipment and ensure that they are up to date. Provide them with a work-friendly environment and enquire about their comfort regularly.

4). Schedule regular feedback session

Satisfaction is the biggest reward that any customer can give to their agents. Appreciating and rewarding an agent for their incredible effort is usually the main factor to reduce attrition rate. You can also involve customer’s feedback in this session. Rate your agents and ask them to set a benchmark each time they take up a call.

5). Support them in good as well as bad times

It is not necessary that every call you attend is going to be a happy call. Generally, inbound call center services are known for solving their customers’ queries and frustration. These agents should have the ability to perform with the same effort, even if the feedback is not that great.

Managers should handle some calls along with their agents in the starting phase of an agent’s career. This will motivate them to perform the same as you and meet the quality level as their manager’s. Be in tune with your agents and give them time to adapt to the culture around.

6). Educate agents about career paths

Agents generally do not join a contact center support as they do not want to be stuck in the same position for a very long time. During the hiring of agents, enlighten with the work and work situation, and what all positions are available in the organization. Explain them the career ladder that is followed by any call center organization. Motivate them too work and become team leaders or managers.


Providing innovative and exclusive inbound call center services can enhance customer service, boost revenue, increase sales and decrease attrition rates.

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