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5 Tips To Better Programmatic Advertising

There has been a huge growth in programmatic advertising all around the globe. The market has potential to grow further in the next five years’ time, owing to one evident reason —programmatic advertising empowers marketers to communicate with customers spread across many different digital channels. Programmatic solution provides digital channels a unique reach that can be both automated and measured. Now businesses can deliver more relevant and customized experience to customers and thus, acquire higher returns from the investments they make in media.

That said, advertisers still feel the need to justify their increased investments on programmatic through handsome returns. To be able to explain to your management about better possibilities with programmatic solutions, check these five tips:

  1. Optimize

Optimization of your ad is a must. Never leave this work for technology. There are multiple data points that any good marketer can use in optimizing a campaign. A good trader can create a huge performance impact by analyzing his product performance across site, source, location, creative, placement and many similar data entries. The success of your optimization will depend entirely on the real-time learning and then evolving, along with how well you leverage the technology and database offered to you by the programmatic solution.

  1. Creative

Creating a creative is really tough job. Your creative can not just be appealing; it has to speak to target audience. A creative not designed to attract its audience will have a negative impact on its performance. Apart from relevancy, advertisers need to keep their focus on the performance of programmatic. In case of a downward curve, advertisers need to rethink the creative patterns.

  1. Media

Many businesses have a notion that programmatic involves a simple method of buying cheap inventory. But, is everything cheap good? Almost never. Experienced advertisers know that quality audience targeting in premium atmosphere results into better conversions. Moreover, traders with the cheap inventory notion about programmatic are actually losing the real opportunity programmatic provides. With this software, you are able to communicate in real time throughout the entire purchase cycle. The software is actually redefining the advertising platform altogether. Most experienced enterprises believe that a successful strategy for programmatic media is to mix private inventory of the marketplace and open exchange.

  1. Personalization

When you use programmatic ad buying, you target the right prospect, at the right place and time. If your campaign is well developed, you can combine the type of device, place and format and easily tailor-make your approach as well as message. You can easily personalize your creative by dynamically connecting to the place (area), device, and time. Message personalization has evidently doubled conversion volumes.

  1. Data

One of the key reasons for programmatic advertisement’s success is data. The more accurate your data is, the more precise will be your targeting. With data, traders can easily derive the insight and kind of knowledge they require about their prospects; while brands can identify customer profiles and amplify through different tactics such as look-alike section and relevant customer interactions in a highly targeted manner. Data is ultimately capable of providing more accurate targets and hence, better results.

Umpteen options have been opened by programmatic for marketers to connect better with their customers. Of course, even when it promised to simplify media buying and unify it, programmatic is still a fragmented process. In order to succeed, commitment to a long-term programmatic strategy has to be agreed upon by traders. Traders will need to invest in right people, technology and data to develop the right folder. The committed ones will certainly be successful for providing a more personalized experience to customers. This will result in better returns on investments in media.

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Preethi vagadia is a marketing manager worked in marketing department with top notch companies and has over 8 years of experience in content management solution,Advertising Technology ,content writing and Media planning software

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