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5 proven ways to make money online

A myriad of articles giving you a clue on how to make money online and where to start are out there for your review. The problem is, with so many of them, it’s quite difficult to find the right piece that calls for action.

With lots of published articles and blog posts regarding the subject, you’ve become skeptic of the idea and so you put the thought aside and work your 9-to-5 job. But you often find yourself going looking back at it thinking: “I need an extra source of income.”

Whether it be only as a sideline or going all out freelancing, a piece of advice: don’t have high expectations when starting out. Sure there are a few who were able to “get rich quick” but they were the exceptions. Being realistic will take you further.

  1. Blogging. We bet blogging is the primary ingredient in each articles similar to this. Albeit you’re already sick of this suggestion, hear us out. It won’t be included if it doesn’t work; it’s a legitimate way to make money. Some even work full time as a blogger so if you’ve got a flair for words, try it out.

Starting a blog is hard; maintaining it is twice as difficult. It requires an enormous amount of persistence and patience (and a waterfall of creative juices!). So before you set up a blog, make a concrete plan and have a sense of responsibility and discipline to run the wheel. It takes time to have an established blog—years, in fact.

Let’s say you already have an established blog. Here are some ways you can monetize from it:

Sponsored/paid posts – Lots of blogs takes advantage of their huge traffic and wide reach. Many aspiring bloggers take this opportunity to promote their websites/blogs thru guest posting for the blog which has a large following.

Paid membership – Another way to earn extra from blogging is offering membership. Those who have signed up for it gets exclusive deals and other exclusive contents that are only available to the “member’s den”.

E-courses/E-books – These bloggers are successful in their own right. And they want to help others and share their recipe to their success. How do they do it? Online courses, webinars, and/or e-books that cost a few bucks.

Advertising – This is definitely a traditional tactic that is adapted in the digital world. If you have a large following, the more money you can make from this. You can sell advertising spots in on your blog to specific companies looking for the same niche you endorse.

  1. Freelance writing. Again, if you have a passion for writing, why not try and make money from it?

This means of earning online is arguably the most popular. You can earn 7-digit figures from freelancing (if you make it your full time) or even more. There are successful freelance writers out there to prove it for you.

There are numerous sites and blogs out there that pays writers to contribute for them. Of course, your output needs to meet their qualifications so be sure to check that out.

  1. Websites that pays you. The web is a whole new world that offers a whole lot of opportunities. If you’re up for accomplishing simple tasks in exchange for reasonable amounts, you may want to try these sites that pays you:

User TestingHave you ever been asked to participate in user testing a website? It is more in depth than ordinary surveys and its results are for the improvement of a brand’s website user experience and interface. Given that, it usually takes 15-20 minutes.

Website owners are doing this to watch someone navigate through their site. The insight of the person is equally valuable as the payment which is $10 per test. Not bad, is it?

SwagbucksSwagbucks is a known platform for earning extra cash. You have a variety of options to generate money from watching videos, using their search engine to taking surveys. So if you’ve got time to kill, spend it in a way where you can snag a few bucks.

Cashback ResearchThis is another free service that rewards people taking up their online surveys. Be honest when taking these surveys, you can get rejected and earn 0 in return. These online surveys are used for market research so give your honest insights.

  1. Sell your crafts, sell everything. In this day and age, you are no longer limited to selling your craft works and other items out on your garage. List them up online on Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, and even on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram!


  1. Sell your time, talent and skills. Are you a skilled graphic designer? Are you a musician? Perhaps a budding photographer? Maybe you’ve got the flair for web design? Just because you now a corporate junkie, don’t let the dreams turn into ashes.

There are sites out there like Fiverr where you can showcase these amazing skills and monetize from it.  You could also promote these skills via social media and networking—start with friends and gain referrals.

You see, there are countless ways to make money online and here are just for starters. No more second thoughts and hesitations, start now.

Do you know other platforms and ways in which you can earn extra income? Share it with us!

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Chie Suarez has spent time figuring out ways on saving money and stepping away from her go-to retail stores. She then became a writer for Speedy Money which offers hassle-free payday loans services.

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