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5 common myths of car rentals

Initiated in western countries, renting cars has become a common trend across the world. It has no longer remain restricted to business professionals, rather it has become a common practice of holiday makers and families tripping abroad for fun and entertainment. Despite gaining a lot of appreciation, still, people show concerns when tour operators and friends suggested them to lease a rental. This is mainly due to myths and misconceptions they may have heard from people who faced a troubled situation.

Perhaps, this is the first time you are feeling the need to lease a vehicle and like all other beginners you may have few concerns in your mind. You actually wanted to know the benefits and risks associated with hiring car from rental firms.

Here I am discussing five common myths and realities to give you a clear idea about seamless benefits you can avail after renting an automobile from a reputable vendor.

You will never get the same model you have booked 

You may have selected a suitable vehicle after checking fleet from their website, you feel shocked after receiving an entirely different model from another brand.

Fact: These alterations happen due to certain circumstances. When a provider doesn’t have the specific automobile at the moment you have requested them. Instead of canceling the order leaving you helpless in the mid, they present the most suitable option they possess. Something is better than nothing. Carefully read the terms and conditions as it is clearly mentioned there. They will try their best to execute your needs.

You can pick up anytime

While placing your order, you are requested to mention the possible arrival time. For example, you have mentioned a specific time, but you arrived after several hours and assuming their agent will be standing there at the spot. You will be disappointed after not finding anyone there.

Fact: Inexperienced customers usually made this mistake. Service providers don’t delay to cancel the order as soon as they see the client is not there on the time to pick up the vehicle. The disappointment can be easily avoided. Understand its importance and consider it like an important appointment. Select time sensibly and don’t forget to call and confirm before you arrive to pick up a rental. Especially if it’s festive of the holiday season, regularly follow up to avoid inconveniences.

Order cancellation and revisions are free of cost

Making assumptions is always harmful. Perhaps, you have booked a vehicle for a specific duration and somehow the program is cancelled due to emergencies. If you are thinking car rental will not demand you to pay any money, you will be surprised after receiving the request to pay cancellation charges, which might go up to 75%. 

Fact: Learn to take the responsibility for your actions. Don’t delay to inform your vendor to cancel or amend the request. Most of the companies don’t charge any money within 48 hours.  However, there are service providers that don’t charge any money. Users must clearly ask about the policies before submitting token money.

More money will be charged upon making an advanced payment

This is a false assumption people have developed after dealing with dishonest service providers.

Fact: Provided that you are dealing with a reliable car rental at Doha airport, it will exactly charge the same price. No additional charges are added to the final bill. The advance payment will give you the benefit and ensure to reserve a suitable vehicle. Especially making advance booking before peak season will even help you to save money.

Credit card will be blocked 

Generally, customers believe that all cards are same. Without knowing, this reality they submit them to the vendors. As soon as you submit the card, rental firm staff freeze the deposit amount on your card. And you will not be able to use it anymore to make payments.

Fact: the primary reason of freezing a credit card is just to ensure the card has enough credit. They refund the amount soon after you return the vehicle. This will not be taken as the transaction, therefore no transaction fee is associated. 

Summary: If any of these myths are stopping you from enjoying the exciting benefits of car rentals, then throw away these doubts. Act sensibly and spend some time to understand the rules of this game.

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